Our Story

Leverage the Power of Data.
At Vybrant, we like to do things a little differently. As technology is constantly evolving and improving, we are continuously innovating and improving our approach to data consulting and digital transformation. It is for this reason that we have taken the industry by storm with our cutting-edge strategies. Whether you are looking for assistance with big data, analytics, data discovery, digital transformation, we can assist you with all your data management requirements.

Vybrant was born out of a desire to provide value to our customers by providing them with connected data solutions. Our ultimate goals is to focus on customer experience, innovation and employee satisfaction. With customers, people and growth our core values here at Vybrant, our team of highly experienced, knowledgeable and creative experts bring a great deal of innovation to every project.

Leverage the Power of Data



Startup Partnership

“Strategic technical solution helped our customer get a Faster time to market and a Minimal administration and infrastructure management” - Ian Kelley, CTO, Vybrant

Despite being on a shoestring budget, customer wanted to have a value added project on a niche specific agricultural heavy vehicle data processing domain.

Our team embraced the challenge very well, architecting and producing the data processing platform as needed by this IoT agriculture startup. Our solution helped them reach out to the market much faster with minimal infrastructure and administration management, which ultimately led them to successful acquisition by Climate Corporation.

Vehicle Data Streaming

Our experts resorted to AWS Cloud to develop the Data platform, capable of streaming and processing agriculture heavy-duty vehicle components data J1939. We were able to design and implement a highly optimized as well as cost efficient solution using AWS EMR and Redshift.

Overall, it was a scalable, flexible and cost efficient solution, enabling customer to get maximum ROI. Further value was added to it by working on data engineering and science area, helping it perform geo-spatial computations.