Our Story

Leverage the Power of Data.
At Vybrant, we like to do things a little differently. As technology is constantly evolving and improving, we are continuously innovating and improving our approach to data consulting and digital transformation. It is for this reason that we have taken the industry by storm with our cutting-edge strategies. Whether you are looking for assistance with big data, analytics, data discovery, digital transformation, we can assist you with all your data management requirements.

Vybrant was born out of a desire to provide value to our customers by providing them with connected data solutions. Our ultimate goals is to focus on customer experience, innovation and employee satisfaction. With customers, people and growth our core values here at Vybrant, our team of highly experienced, knowledgeable and creative experts bring a great deal of innovation to every project.

Leverage the Power of Data



Case Studies

Case Studies highlight how Vybrant helps customers leverage Big Data for driving productivity in various industries

Startup Partnership

Despite being on a shoestring budget, customer wanted to have a value added project on a niche specific agricultural heavy vehicle data processing domain.

Media Entertainment

Media giant was interested in offering their extensive and explicit television viewership along with demographic insights to advertisers aimed at excelling their contemporaries.

Telecom Big Data

This case study focuses on Vybrant’s experience working with one of the largest telecommunications company within the United States.

Healthcare Analytics Engagement

Vybrant co-headed the development of a futuristic version of one of their currently existing products aimed at enhancing healthcare and fortifying data driven healthcare organizations.