Telecom Big Data

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Project Description


 This case study focuses on Vybrant’s experience working with one of the largest telecommunications company within the United States.

This company works with a wide variety of devices and applications whilst attempting to develop and manage voice services and advanced data. Throughout this engagement, Vybrant had their team members lead the implementation of data lake which included business enablement, adoption, and data management & security.


Over the years, many business specialists have grown an affinity towards Microsoft Excel and other BI & Dashboarding tools. When we talk about Hadoop and other data management solutions, these users tend to feel somewhat less comfortable regardless of the many benefits that can come from making a change. Our team interacted with these users to understand business priorities from data & analytics perspective, getting them up to speed on big data concepts, data life cycle management, and the recommended tools.


Our approach to address existing business problems goes as follows:

  • Implementation of Data Lake as well as evaluation of numerous third-party tools including Pentaho, Informatica, Talend, and any custom frameworks. • Engagement with all stakeholders to then define the criteria for success when it comes to implementation efforts.
  • Evaluate and therefore identify solutions for data security and then implement such system whilst protecting data in motion and at rest.
  • Finally, introduce strategies that will leverage data lake, facilitate new insights, and improve overall performance.

Engagement Experience

After leading this initiative for around six months, we have engaged numerous business and IT teams to provide help with implementation, architecture, technical design, business enablement, and then adoption of the Enterprise Hadoop Platform. In addition to this, we found new data sources to be moved to the data lake and data integration that added to the list that we already had to streamline the process of digital analytics and subscriber reporting. After working with an array of different businesses, they were provided with the tools and data access levels that will be needed to leverage the data lake; the tools included Integration, Data Visualization, as well as Exploration & Analytics.In a fortune 500 company like this, we know how important it is to have the concept of “user community” for knowledge sharing, we worked with business and technical users to establish “Big Data User Community” to help with best practices and address pain points. Overall, we have been encouraged by the work that we have done so far and were particularly pleased with the cross vertical discussions that took place.