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Project Description


Assistance to a Media Giant in Defining and Enhancing their Big Data Strategy and Architecture

Television group of a media giant was interested in offering their extensive and explicit television viewership along with demographic insights to advertisers aimed at excelling their contemporaries. They also wanted to devise predictive models and enhance investments on ad placements for their own shows, for which they needed a better platform.


  • We offered them substantial help in devising a cost efficient, productive yet flexible technology architecture capable of catering their current as well as future needs.
  • Designed and assembled for them a cloud based big data BI and DS infrastructure capable of handling the volume and complexity of an enormously growing data set.
  • Devised a data security mechanism capable of guarding companies’ rate card information. Also took care of their data governance and MDM requirements for unification of disparate data sources that came from various 3rd parties.
  • Helped them increase ingestion of data sources, seamlessly handling and processing a high volume of media data from outlets like Hulu, ComScore, Omniture, Rentrak, Nielsen, FreeWheel and many others.
  • Helped establish new and enhanced avenues of streaming event information along with POCied capabilities.
  • Helped improve storage capabilities, which resulted in significantly slashed data processing times and lower human errors due to better data validation checks.

Devised mechanics for working with 3rd party data sets and developed predictive models capable of determining improved ad placement opportunities for their own shows and pilots.